10 Fresh Marketing Tactics to Boost Your May Campaigns

You’re aware that May can be one of the most difficult months for marketing. The warm weather of late spring makes people eager for summer, however it’s not the time to go to the beach. It’s the school term is coming to an end but summer vacations still haven’t even begun. What’s a marketer supposed to do? We’ve provided you with everything. We searched the web and consulted with experts to create an assortment of 10 innovative strategies for marketing that you can employ this month to help your campaigns gain momentum. From strategies for email to social media marketing we’ve got some ideas to help you connect with your customers and improve outcomes. Check out these 10 fantastic strategies to get the most of May’s offerings for your marketing strategies. If you decide to try a innovative tactic or try the entire list, you’ll discover new and innovative ideas to help make this month the best month you’ve ever had. Now let’s take a look!

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Giveaways and Contests to Engage Customers

An event or giveaway is the perfect way to increase the engagement of your customers and make them enthusiastic about your business this month. Offer a free product or Service Offer customers the chance to win something beneficial such as a month-long free trial of your product or service. For instance, if your company is an organization that sells meal kits, give away a few months of meal plans. Customers love receiving free things and this is an opportunity for them to try your offer without risk.

Run a Social Media Contest

Create a contest on social media that requires people to be able to share, like, or comment to be entered. This could as easy as liking your most recent blog post or uploading photos of your product. Prizes could include a gift card for the store you own or tickets for an event. Contests on social media can be a simple method of increasing the number of followers you have and draw more attention on your company.

Do a Sweepstakes

The sweepstakes does not require a spending money or any other social media actions to be entered. The participants simply need to submit their information in order to win the biggest prize such as holiday getaways or the latest gadget. While sweepstakes don’t turn participants into customers in a matter of minutes but they can get your brand name noticed by potential customers who aren’t aware of it. Also, the prize giveaway is intriguing enough that people will be enticed to take part.

Give Away Limited Edition Items

Have you got any exclusive or limited-time products you can offer for giveaway? The public is obsessed with any item that is special or unique. Offer a special edition products to contest winners or your loyal customers. They’ll definitely share their prize on social media, which will expose your brand’s name to all their followers.

Contests and giveaways are a tried and true method to generate excitement around your business in May, or at any time of the month. With a little imagination you can think of new ways to please your customers and entice new ones with the excitement of winning and trying something completely free or unique.

Refresh Your Social Media With Interactive Polls

Social polls on social media are a simple method to boost engagement and stimulate discussion among your followers. Ask open-ended questions to start conversations. Pose questions like:

  • What are your goals for this month?
  • What are your most challenging issues at the moment?

People are prone to sharing their thoughts and suggestions, which is why open-ended questions are ideal to spark lively discussions. Make sure your questions and polls are focused on solutions and positive. You can ask questions like:

What’s something you’re most excited over this month? What’s a small gesture of kindness that you’ve seen recently? What’s a resource that has been a help in improving your skills recently?

Sharing positive experiences can bring people together and helps spread positive vibes. Use the results of your polls to design the future content. The responses you get from your polls on social media provide important information about the needs, wants and preferences. Examine the results and your comments to come up with ideas for blog articles, products, services or other resources that your audience could benefit from.

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For instance, if many people are interested in productivity strategies, make content about improving your efficiency and time. If a lot of people are being self-conscious, post sources to build confidence and conquering the feeling of being a fraud. They also improve the visibility of your site and increase traffic. Polls, questions, or surveys to social media boosts likes and shares, comments as well as overall participation. This signalizes to engines that you’re well-known and is worth spreading to a wider audience. As time passes, conducting regular polls will significantly boost your reach and increase traffic.

Polls on social media that are interactive are an simple yet powerful ways to increase engagement, gain valuable information improve visibility, and design content that resonates with your followers. Get polling and watch your audience become more vibrant!

Host a Webinar With an Industry Expert

A webinar is a fantastic method to establish yourself as a thought-leader within your field. Working with an expert in your field will allow you to gain access to their expertise and knowledge as well as reach their your audience. In exchange, the expert is exposed to your customers as well.

Make the webinar available at least one month prior to create interest. Discuss with an expert to select the topic that is beneficial and relevant to your viewers. Find a catchy title and description to grab the attention of your audience.

When you host the webinar, make sure to ensure that it is lively by activating chat and Q&A. Begin with an introduction to define the topic and explain why it’s crucial. The expert will be given the opportunity to discuss their expertise for approximately 20-30 minutes. 

You’ll need recording the event and promote it widely following your live presentation. Upload the recording to your website as well as social media platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. Send an email to all who enrolled but didn’t attend the live webinar, along with an embedding link to the recorded. This allows them to benefit from the content and also helps to increase comments and views.

Webinars help you establish yourself as an authority through educating your audience on relevant industry topics. Partnerships with experts give more credibility to the content and help you reach new viewers. By promoting your webinar properly both before and after the webinar can greatly increase your visibility on the internet and boost traffic.

Hosting a beneficial webinar can be a unique method of providing useful content to your audience with a captivating format. Working with an industry professional can provide new knowledge and open the opportunities to join new networks. Through a well-planned webinar, and follow-ups, you’ll build the connection you have with your viewers and increase your authority.

Send Customers Personalized Videos

Videos can be an effective way to engage with your clients on a more personal level. The sending of personalized video messages during May is a clever strategy that will increase sales and engagement.

Keep Them Short and Sweet

Concentrate on short videos of 15-30 seconds which highlight a single item, service or even a message. These small-sized videos are easy to share and watch via social media. Keep your messages short yet still allowing for personal interaction.

Personalize the Message

Address your customer’s name and directly address them directly. Talk about the ways in which the product you offer could be beneficial to them specifically by referring to their past purchases or other interests. Personalization helps build trust and creates loyalty, making your audience more open to take action.

Offer an Incentive to Act

At the end of the day you can also give a special voucher code or discount that will entice users to buy. For example, you can give free shipping, or 10% discount on their purchase, or the gift of a special offer to purchases. The incentive gives them the motivation to take action right away rather than waiting the next time.

Share on Multiple Channels

Upload your videos on your website, email marketing campaigns, as in addition to your social media channels as well as your YouTube channel. If you distribute them across multiple channels, you improve the likelihood of viewers being able to watch and interact by watching the videos. You can even make posts that are based on comments from customers and share.

Making video messages that are personalized for May is a unique strategy to increase the engagement of your customers and increase sales. Keep your video short and simple, and tailor the message for your viewers. You should also end with a reason to encourage them to take action. Promoting your content through multiple channels will ensure the highest exposure, as well as allow you to establish meaningful connections with a wider audience of customers.

Launch a Referral Program

Referral programs are an excellent way to generate word-of-mouth marketing and leads in May. Offer a reward such as discount coupons or gift cards to customers who have already established a relationship with you. They can also refer an upcoming business. This rewards your loyal supporters and helps them promote your company.

To create an referral scheme:

Define your service

Select the gift you’ll give the person who recommended you to them and to the new customer. A discount percentage on the next purchase, or gift card is one of the most commonly employed options. Whatever you choose to give away, ensure that the reward is attractive enough to entice referrals nevertheless, it’s an income for your business.

Promote the program

The referral program must be announced on your site, on social media, in your newsletter to customers and in your store. Inform them about the program and the benefits it offers to customers. Your current customers are your most reliable source of referrals from your new customers. 

Develop a system that keeps records of which customers were referred to you by whom. This will allow you to give the correct incentives to the people who referred to you. Additionally, you’ll gain important information about your most popular advocates as well as the most effective rewards.

Reward and thank you for your referrals

When a referral has made its first purchase, you can honor the person who referred them as soon as you can. Send them a thank you email or a card including the gift. Referrers can help grow your business, so thanking them for their support can inspire them to refer customers.

Referral schemes are an excellent way to create excitement and boost your marketing campaigns in May. Make sure you are focusing on your existing customers give them incentives that appeal to them make the offer known and monitor the results and don’t forget to say thank you. If you have the power of word-of-mouth available, it can help you attract new customers and boost sales rapidly.


There are some new ideas to assist in bringing your marketing to the forefront in May. Don’t be afraid to play with something fresh and new since it’s the beginning of a new month, and it’s time to try something new? Be sure to record the results you get so that you can identify which strategies are the best suited to your market. They’ll appreciate your creativity and attention this month. Make sure you provide high-quality content so that you can see your engagement as well as conversions grow. Be enjoyable! Marketing doesn’t have to be serious. Have fun whenever you can. People who follow you will be amazed and will be thankful for your efforts.


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