[Mobile Friendly Websites]- Google won’t index it

Unless your website is mobile-friendly, Google will not search through it and rate it. Mobile Friendly Websites

In 2016 we had the notion that Google’s Mobile-first Indexing program started in October last year. Nonetheless, the fact of not being completely finished occurred prior to July 5.

According to John Mueller’s article on the Google blog, “After the 5th of July 2024, any small number of websites that were still being crawled by desktop Googlebot will be crawled by mobile Googlebot.”

This is Mueller’s stand on this:

“The way most of the internet is crawled and there’s no change in crawling these websites.”

If your site cannot be viewed on a mobile phone then Google would “no longer” index it hence no ranking in search results page.

Google indexing necessitates accessibility for mobiles. For instance,Mueller wrote,” If your site’s content does not work at all on a mobile device,it will stop being indexed.”

Google has eventually drawn a line in the sand for websites that don’t work on mobile.

Google cannot index your site if it is not mobile friendly doesn’t mean. The message is simple, if there are issues with rendering or loading this website properly on any mobile devices then google will not be able to feature such sites. Mobile Friendly Websites.

You can use your desktop template only provided that the desktop version works on mobile.

Some desktopy crawling still goes on. Google confirmed that they were continuing to use Googlebot Desktop, the crawler which crawls the product listing of google.com and creates google minisites for jobs search. This means you may find Googlebot Desktop in your server reports and logs.

We take it personally. This should not bother most people. But what if you have been hired by someone to do some SEO for their website. You try to browse it using either your Android smartphone or iPhone & iPad but nothing appears indicating. That such website could have never been crawled nor indexed by Google from July 5th forth? The objective is to ensure that the site is accessible on mobile devices and then check it using. Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool of Google Search Console just to ascertain the display.


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